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Eco-Friendly Plumbing Systems

Eco Plumbing Systems are advanced systems, we at Griffiths Plumbing are excited about. It allows us to provide our customers with eco friendly plumbing options.  We are staying on top of new advancements in this field as they become available.  We recently had the opportunity to be involved in a fabulous eco project at a residential property.  The eco systems that were installed included features such as:

  • Solar Hot Water Heating

  • Heat Recovery System (this took hot water drainage and used it to pre heat water used for any other domestic hot water use.
  • Rainwater Harvesting System (involves rerouting rain water from the roof and downspouts into a tank in the ground.  The water is then pressurized and used for showering and laundry.
  • Greywater Recycling System (This system recycles raw water which had previously been used for showering, laundry and hand washing.  The recycled raw water is routed into an underground tank in the backyard where it is pressurized and reused for flushing toilets. 

These systems were designed using a series of filters, ultra violet bulbs, backflow preventers, colour coded water lines to distinguish potable water from non-potable water sources and we were installed by our team of highly trained mechanics.  This project was inspected by the City of Toronto’s plumbing inspector as well as a representative of George Brown College.



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Our services can include bringing the plumbing services into your home from the street, all of the roughing in and installation of the fixtures.


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Our plumbers are trained, efficient, quick and polite. We will take as much time as each job requires, not a moment too soon.



Griffiths Plumbing is excited about the advancements in providing our customers with eco friendly plumbing options.




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