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Backflow Plumbing Services

Backflow Plumbing Services has been described as “the unwanted reversal of flow in a potable water system”.  There are two types of backflow, back siphonage and back pressureBack siphonage is “backflow caused by a negative pressure on the supply side”.  Back pressure is “backflow caused by a greater pressure in a non-potable system than what you are supplying to that system”.

Griffiths Plumbing offers a wide range of backflow services including:  building surveys, testing and installation.  Our mechanics are licensed plumbers with full O.W.W.A. certifications.  Our company is also registered on the majority of most municipalities’ backflow program sites.  We can implement all of your backflow needs from obtaining the permits, installation, conducting the necessary inspections and completing the paperwork to satisfy the appropriate municipality by-laws.

Backflow Due to Main Break
Backflow Due To Backsiphonage




Home Plumbing Systems

Our services can include bringing the plumbing services into your home from the street, all of the roughing in and installation of the fixtures.


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Our plumbers are trained, efficient, quick and polite. We will take as much time as each job requires, not a moment too soon.



Griffiths Plumbing is excited about the advancements in providing our customers with eco friendly plumbing options.


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